ARC Light Metals’ research are conducted in a careful, planned, and precise execution that exceeds not only quality domestic industry needs but also takes the demands of the global market into serious consideration.

Following an ‘Outline-Coordinated’ methodology, our research portfolio addresses each of the three highly in-demand light metals in the business, namely aluminum, magnesium, and titanium.

ARC Light Metals put a noteworthy spotlight on these metals with composite material configuration and handling to creating industrial applications in vehicle development, creation, and bundling ventures.

One of our flagship programs, “Combine Design and Process”, is continually developed and wholly committed to aluminum and magnesium composites.

ARC Light Metals has also established three other programs that have strongly inspired similar industrial endeavors in the country. Our portfolio now includes ‘Titanium’, light metal-based ‘Half-Breed Materials’ and ‘Surface Engineering’ of the light composites under our research.

Our Centre is proudly and currently on Phase 3, a momentum for expansion with a set perspective of making a focused portfolio, meticulously studied with conscious effort. These ventures are cross-institutional and subsidized as necessary.

We have also been blessed with an opportunity to team up with the CSIRO Light Metals Flagship (LMF) and the CAST CRC (CAST) and formed the Australian Partnership in Light Metals Research. This guarantees and supports a more comprehensive approach to research and development within the industry.